2022 Scholarships for Symposium & Related Activities

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The W.D. McKeehan Scholarships
Established by the national board of directors in 1983 as a tribute to W.D. “Mac” McKeehan and his long years or service and numerous contributions as national registrar and national treasurer, this scholarship helps qualified individuals participate in Handbell Musicians of America’s National Seminar. For 2022, two (2) attendees will be awarded $920 each to support their registration at both Seminar Experience and International Handbell Symposium. 

The D. Linda McKechnie Scholarship
Established in 2004, the purpose of this fund is to provide a scholarship or grant for a music educator. The assistance may be in the form of a scholarship to attend National Seminar or grant supporting handbells in music education. For 2022, this scholarship of $735 will provide registration for one (1) attendee to attend International Handbell Symposium.

Deb Heine Young Ringer Scholarships
Created in August 2010, to honor and memorialize long-time member and National Seminar event chair, Deborah Heine, scholarships help young ringers attend national events. For 2022, two (2) scholarships of $745 each will be awarded to support registration and a hotel/travel stipend for College Ring-In and/or International Youth Symposium.

Anonymous Education Scholarship
The Anonymous Education Scholarship Fund was established by an anonymous donor as a challenge to other Handbell Musicians of America members to contribute and support handbells in education and other educational events. For 2022, a scholarship of $425 will be awarded to provide Seminar Experience registration and a hotel/travel stipend for one (1) attendee.

Handbell Musicians of America Future of Handbells Scholarships
Handbell Musicians of America has allocated $5,000 to support the participation in International Youth Symposium or College Ring-In. For 2022, twenty-five (25) young handbell musicians will receive a $200 scholarship to support their registration and travel/hotel expenses.