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Handbell Musicians of America grants are awarded to individuals, organizations, or ensembles, to support projects and programs that develop and educate handbell musicians of various skill levels. All programs for consideration must have measurable goals and objectives, additional sources of support, and clearly defined projected impacts. Applicants must be members in good standing of Handbell Musicians of America.

The next round of grant applications will be due on March 1, 2024, and recipients will be announced in June 2024.

Please note that grants are not awarded to fund attendance at events. Instead, scholarships are available for this purpose. Please visit our Scholarship page to learn more. 

Areas of Consideration for grants are detailed below.

Handbells in Classrooms

Projects and programs that promote the use of handbells and/or hand-chimes as performance instruments in classrooms or other established educational settings.

Handbells for Underserved Populations

Projects and programs that utilize handbells and/or hand-chimes with traditionally underserved communities, e.g., people with learning or cognitive disabilities, people with physical or mobility disabilities, the elderly, etc. To be eligible for this category, the program must be supervised by a qualified music educator or music therapist. 

Handbells for the Musically Underserved

Projects and programs that provide handbells and/or hand chimes to an organization without prior access to the instruments, and a clearly defined curriculum plan. 

Research & Education

Projects and programs that spotlight new handbell and/or hand chime techniques and styles.