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International Handbell Committee

Handbell Musicians of America is generously hosting this webpage at the request of the International Handbell Committee. The International Handbell Committee is a separate entity from Handbell Musicians of America. Any page headers or footers are part of the HMA website.

The International Handbell Committee was formed in 1990 to set standards and goals for the biannual International Handbell Symposium. The committee is made up of the presidents and other representatives of the eight organizations that currently share in hosting the event: Handbell Ringers of Japan, Handbell Society of Australasia, Korea Handbell Association, Handbell Musicians of Canada, Handbell Ringers of Great Britain, Handbell Association of Hong Kong, Handbell Ringers of Singapore, and Handbell Musicians of America.

The next International Handbell Symposium, RING THE FUTURE 2024, is being hosted by Handbell Ringers of Japan from August 12-17, 2024, in in Hamamatsu.