Are you producing a CD or DVD for your bell choir? Or is your group playing for a television or other video broadcast?

We are thrilled that you have chosen to play and/or record Handbell Musicians of America music (AGEHR Music Publishing), and we wish to make the process of securing your mechanical or synchronization license as quick and easy as possible.

Please email or call Shelly Horn at [email protected] or 937-438-0085 (ext. 803). Once the scope of your project is known, an invoice will be sent to you and you can send a check to us. The process is simple and easy!

Please be prepared with the following information when you email or call.

  • What type of recording are you doing? CD or DVD
  • How many CDs or DVDs are you producing?
  • Which AGEHR Music Publishing piece(s) are you recording?

CD/DVD cost is $10 minimum for the first 118 CD copies, and then 9.1 cents per song, per CD/DVD after that.

If playing on TV, which AGEHR Music Publishing piece are you playing and how long is it?

Synchronization rate for performing on TV varies on a case by case basis.

For uploading a video or recording to YouTube, Facebook, or other social media source:
Which AGEHR Music Publishing piece would you like to put on YouTube or other social media?

Handbell Musicians of America is pleased that you wish to showcase your performance and our music via social media. The only compensation we require is that you provide the full title of the piece and include that it is published by AGEHR Music Publishing.

There are two options for live-stream/podcast licensing:

  1. One-song/one-time streaming/podcast license good for the period of one year: Cost $35. 
  2. Blanket streaming/podcast license good for one year on all AGEHR music. Cost: $125. This blanket license requires that you send a report to [email protected] on a quarterly basis. After one year, you would need to secure a new license.  

CHURCH GROUPS PLEASE NOTE: We would encourage all churches using AGEHR Music and wishing to stream services or produce a podcast to sign up with This will make your permissions easy.

Purchase Blanket License         Request One-Time License

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