Misterium Premieres Today

Just over a year ago at National Seminar in Cincinnati, Ohio, we put out a video explaining an exciting new project that would bring handbell musicians from around the globe together for a unique musical collaboration. We uploaded what then appeared to be a mish-mash of musical segments and a tempo track, and asked handbell musicians to get creative and record themselves playing as many of those segments as they wanted, to be part of the project.

Organizing a Handbell Program-Recruitment and Assimilation

Over the following eight months, more than 400 handbell musicians had uploaded nearly 600 individual recordings. Many hours of organizing, sound editing, and video editing later, we have assembled the segments to complete the very first Virtual Handbell Ensemble recording.

Head on over to the Virtual Handbell Ensemble website and enjoy the premiere of James Meredith’s “Misterium,” and learn about the process of building the virtual performance.

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