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Priority Music Club 2019 Listing
The Newest Music From AGEHR Publishing

Available to Guild members only! One music packet per member. Pre-order yours today.

Retail Price $109.80
Priority Music Club Price $25.00*
Your Savings…..…. $84.80

*$25 for Guild members in the United States $40 for international members

The Priority Music Club packets will be shipped in June.

Below is a listing of Priority Music Club (PMC) offerings.

AG23055 Chime In: Etudes, John A. Behnke  L1 $5.50
AG23056 Morning Glory, Brenda E. Austin, L2- $4.95
AG35381 O Come All Ye Faithful, Michael Mazzatenta L2 $4.95
AG35378 Sweet Hour of Prayer, Brenda Austin,  L2 $4.95
AG35380 The Church’s One Foundation, Robert James Lamb, L2 $4.95
AG35382 Together We Stand, Paul McKlveen, L2 $5.50
AG36066 What Child is This?  John A. Behnke,  L2 $4.95
AG35379 Glad Hearts, Rejoice!  Michael Mazzatenta, L2+ $4.95
AG36065 I Love to Tell the Story, John A. Behnke L2+ $5.50
AG35383 Maestoso Fanfare, Michael Mazzatenta L2+ $4.95
AG25007 That Easter Day With Joy Was Bright, Robert Lamb, L2+ $4.95
AG35373 The King Shall Come, Nancy Norman, L2+ $4.95
AG36063 In Dulci Jubilo, John A. Behnke, L3 $5.50
AG35286 For the Beauty of the Earth, J.D. Frizzell, L2+ $4.95
AG36060 Sojourner’s Prayer, Karen Buckwalter L3 $5.50
AG37013 Songs in the Night, Sondra Tucker, L3 $5.95
AG35384 Greensleeves, Brian Seemann, L4 $4.95
AG58003 Alluredia, Douglas J. Benton L5 $5.95
AG36064 Retrospective, Jason Krug  L5 $5.50
AG35386 Reflection and Celebration, Hart Morris L3+ $5.50
AG35385 A Scottish Tune, Lee J. Afdahl, L3 $4.95

Music Packets for the 2019 PMC will be mailed in June, with a second chance mailing in early August.

The Guild reserves the right to change the music presented & timeline as needed.

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