Priority Music Club

We want you to be the first to see our newly published handbell music!

Available to Guild members only! One music packet per member. Pre-order yours today.

For only $25* you’ll receive a full-sized copy of each of AGEHR’s brand new 2018 music selections (listed below). That’s a $105 retail value—a savings of $80 with no additional shipping costs—and you’ll see all the new handbell music before anyone else.

*$25 for Guild members in the United States $40 for international members

The Priority Music Club packets will be shipped in June.

Below is a listing of Priority Music Club (PMC) offerings.

AG35365 Alleluia! Christ is Risen, John A. Behnke L2+ $5.50
AG35372 A Mighty Blessing, Deborah Holden-Holloway L3 $4.95
AG25006 Away in a Manger, John A. Behnke L1 $4.50
AG35368 Be Still My Soul, John A. Behnke L3 $5.50
AG58002 Coronation and Triumphant Exultation, Larry Sue L4 $6.75
AG35370 Entrada, Michael Mazzatenta, L3 $4.50
AG35371 Exultation, Matthew Compton L2+ $5.50
AG35377 Glory, Linda Boice L2 $4.95
AG36062 Haunted House, Scott Pfizinger L2+ $4.95
AG36061 In the Bleak Midwinter, Cathy Marker L2+ $4.95
AG35374 I Saw Three Ships, John A. Behnke L3 $5.50
AG35367 Joyous Jubilee, Brian J. Heinlein L2 $4.95
AG35376 Jubilant Spirit, Lauran Delancy L3 $5.50
AG25004 Mixolydian Madness, Ron Mallory L3- $5.50
AG35364 Prelude on Holy Manna, Cathy Marker L2 $4.95
AG25005 Ritmico, Ron Mallory L3-   $4.95
AG35369 Trinity Fanfare, Alex Guebert L1 $4.50
AG37012 The 12 Days of Christmas, Arnold B. Sherman L4 $5.95
AG35366 Vivamente, Michael Mazzatenta L2+ $5.50
AG57024 Wonderdance, Robert Scott Riker L5 $5.95

Music Packets for the 2018 PMC will be mailed in June, with a second chance mailing in early August.

The Guild reserves the right to change the music presented & timeline as needed.

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