Choose Your Renewal Date

Beginning in our fiscal year 2020 (October 1, 2019 – September 30, 2020), we are making a change in the schedule for membership renewal.  Rather than renewing memberships every month of the year, we will move everyone to their choice of one of three renewal dates – November 1, January 1, or March 1.

This change in schedule leads to several benefits for the organization

  1. Reduced costs in invoice mailing as we consolidate the work to three projects rather than twelve.
  2. By completing renewals by March 1, the mid-point of our fiscal year, we have the time needed to adjust our financial planning based on actual membership revenue received.
  3. Moving the renewal period to a shorter time-frame, we can launch a concentrated membership campaign and better use our staff and volunteer resources to promote member benefits and services.

To choose the date of your renewal, simply click the button below to login to your member account and complete a short survey. Please select your option by September 1, 2019. Your new renewal date will take effect in fiscal year 2020.

You should still plan to renew your current membership this fiscal year (ends September 30) on your normal schedule.

No matter which date you choose, you will continue to receive uninterrupted access to a wealth of benefits through where you will find all the online editions of Overtones, numerous in-depth resources, and much more.

Questions about this change? Contact your regional membership coordinator at or call 937-438-0085.

Choose Your Renewal Date