2022 Annual Campaign

Like many non-profits, the COVID-19 pandemic has placed Handbell Musicians of America in the middle of difficulties, but therein lies an opportunity to

Renew Our Vision • Refresh Our Mission
Refocus Our Future Together

Handbell Musicians of America remains committed to uniting people into a diverse musical community that advances the art of handbell/handchime ringing through education, community, and communication.

“In the midst of difficulties lies opportunity.”

–Albert Einstein

Your contributions to Handbell Musicians of America
are perhaps more important now than ever as we
seek to discover opportunities to

Refocus the Future…Together.

Together, We Can Achieve What Seems to be Impossible

St. Francis of Assisi probably wasn’t experiencing a “pandemic” when he wrote the following statement, but it is a clear guide for Refocusing Our Future – Together.

“Start by doing what is necessary;
then do what is possible;
and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

“Start by doing what is necessary;

…then do what is possible;

HMA has made adjustments to do what is necessary for our organization: 

  • Restructured to a virtual business model
  • Transformed meeting structures through collaborative Zoom and RingCentral platforms
  • Implemented a not-for-profit organizational assessment
  • Aggressively executed cost-saving plans
  • Applied for and received a federal stimulus loan.

Your contributions have helped HMA adapt in creative ways: 

  • Adapted events to include both in-person and virtual platforms
  • Developed other virtual learning opportunities; area leadership meetings and Virtual Master Series
  • Redesigned Certification for both in-person and virtual platforms
  • Added classes to the Virtual Bell Academy
  • Promoted the Handbell Industry Council “Return to Ringing” resources

…and suddenly, you are doing the impossible.”

HMA is committed to turning the impossible into the possible.
With YOUR help, even things that SEEM impossible can BECOME possible.

How can you help “Refocus Our Future… Together?”

Every contribution, no matter how small or large, will help refocus and reenergize HMA. Plus, for every gift made, 10% will be designated to helping students become more involved in our organization.

Here are just some of the ways that a contribution of any size can help:

Refocusing and developing events to include virtual learning experiences:
      • Develop a custom virtual platform for events like National Seminar
      • Develop more virtual opportunities like the recent Fall Virtual Master Series and upcoming Mid-Winter Workshop
      • Focused monthly roundtable discussions
      • Virtual Bell Academy expanded and updated
Refocusing opportunities for our next generation:
      • Continue to develop programs like Distinctly Teen and College Ring-in
      • Work to get more handbell programs into schools
Refocusing Resources
      • Community-based organization management
      • Area leadership resource center and training institute
      • Establishment of an Online Management Institute designed to assist beginning and advanced directors/programs
      • Development and implementation of a Model Program for Handbells/Handchimes in Education
      • Continue to develop new functionality of our website