New: Classes from National Seminar 2020 Online

The following are some of the favorite sessions from the online National Seminar 2020 that will be most beneficial to handbell musicians as they navigate ringing in these days of COVID. More National Seminar 2020 classes will be coming soon.

Assembling an Ensemble Virtually

Ringing together in a handbell ensemble is one of the most rewarding group experiences.  Using a little technology you can still enjoy making music together, even when physically separated.  This class will follow the basic process for preparing, recording, and editing a virtual ensemble, from creating parts and click tracks all the way through synchronizing and editing the clips.  We will focus on the process as a whole, not use of specific software, and will include some suggestions for free or cheap editing software.

Instructor: Brian Seemann


Keeping up Handbell Skills: Bells Not Necessary

Let’s be honest, handbells ain’t happening right now in the traditional, full-ensemble, prepare-for-worship-or-performance kind of way. But that doesn’t mean you can’t grow as a musician during this time, even without access to handbells. Correctly-executed motion is necessary to ring a handbell, and precise timing is necessary to ring the handbell on beat. However, handbells themselves are NOT necessary to develop these fundamentals. This class will explore ways to keep ringing skills sharp, as well as how to practice at home with handbell music.

Instructor: Nick Hanson, Brian Seemann


First Look: How to introduce New Music

Everyone knows the importance of first impressions. Learn ways to introduce new music to your choir that will help them learn the music before even touching a bell. The class will cover sight-reading strategies, your musical “handshake,” and ways to read through music together without bells (or even over Zoom). 

Instructor: Stevie Berryman


Sing-a-Long with Henry: Fun Ways to Engage Your Children’s Bell Group via Zoom

During this time of Sheltering-in-Place, many of us have been searching for ways to connect and engage ringers from our at-home bunkers. This session will share ideas to connect with your children’s bell groups and keep them engaged and excited about ringing handbells until we can be together in person again.

Instructor: Brian Childers