Course H – Stephanie Rhoades, Instructor

Handbells/Handchimes in the Community




Unit H examines the process of establishing and running a community handbell group. Participants will learn about recruiting ringers, holding auditions, choosing repertoire, writing contracts, securing appropriate licenses, and filing required legal and financial documents. It is particularly helpful to those who are currently involved in community choirs, who have an interest in starting a community choir, or want to be an advocate for community choirs.

As a result of the course, students will:

  1. Have basic knowledge related to forming a community group
  2. Have knowledge of a wide range of repertoire for community programs
  3. Understand the financial and tax laws related to community groups
  4. Know about grant availability for state and local art agencies
  5. Know about existing copyright laws and laws pertaining to mechanical and synchronization licensing, and performance royalties
  6. Have knowledge of insurance needs for a community group


In order to successfully pass this course as part of the certification curriculum, students must be able to:

  1. Articulate five ways to recruit ringers
  2. Write an audition process for new ringers
  3. Create a sample concert program
  4. Explain how to find and file IRS tax forms
  5. Create a sample budget
  6. Explain copyright and licensing as it pertains to recordings and performances
  7. Create a contract for a performance
  8. Create a press kit and poster

Recommended Resources