Course I – D. Linda McKechnie

Handbells/Handchimes with Special Populations




This 4 session track will encourage people to consider the use of handbells and handchimes as a viable musical enrichment and performance opportunity for the special needs communities and the aging population.

Experience various teaching methods with 2-3 octaves

  1. “Instant music making” with simple melodies and chord accompaniment
  2. Adaptive music notation using color-coded letters which correspond with the handbell scale
  3. “Directing the handbell keyboard” by using hand cues, pointing, sign language, and Kodaly hand signals
  4. Teaching the visually impaired through memorization

Determine the best music selection for all methods

  1. Analyze published music along with custom written arrangements and bell assignments
  2. Explore hands-on methods in detail as a director and ringer
  3. Learn to write arrangements for specific groups

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Evaluation for this course will be primarily through observation of the students participation and progress in class.


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