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 December 2012: Bell Muffs pattern
October 2012: Handbell Flash Cards
 September 2012: Handbell Quiz — Download the PDF or take it online here
 August 2012: Do-It-Yourself Music Stand
  July2012: Do-It-Yourself Bell Cabinet
 June 2012: Do-It-Yourself Bell Tables and Storage
 May 2012: Facebook Cover Photos
  April 2012: The REAL History of Handbells
  March 2012: Spot the Differences
  February 2012: Word Grid Puzzle

January 2012: History of Handbells – Reprints from Handbell Zebra

December 2011: ringEr-Ode to a Bell Ringer

November 2011: Handbell Notation Dice

October 2011: Ringing Valentine

September 2011: ringEr-Cootie Catcher

August 2011: Notation Sudoku

July 2011: Word Find

June 2011: Handbell Musicians of America Clipart

May 2011: More Note Pattern Games

April 2011: Rhythm Writer

March 2011: Mary and Friends Ear Training Game

February 2011: Note Patterns

January 2011: Barline Buzz

December 2010: Musical Math

November 2010: Simple Handbell Peal

October 2010: Handbell Crossword
September 2010: How to Make Miniature Clay Pot Bells

August 2010: AGEHR Music Publishing Word Scramble

July 2010: Ringer Socialization Activities Part 3

June 2010: Ringer Socialization Activities Part 2

May 2010: Ringer Socialization Activities Part 1

April 2010: Teaching Musicality Crossword

March 2010: Music Reading Word Find

February 2010: Valerie Stephenson’s Bronze Family Feud

January 2010: Musical Sleuth

December 2009: Handbell Cross Stitch

November 2009: Sudoku

October 2009: Word Search and Damping Exercise

September 2009: Soup’s On

August 2009: Riddles and Puzzles

July 2009: AGEHR Crossword
May 09: Sudoku
June 2009: Hey Young Ringers, Make Your Own Handbell T-Shirts
May 09: Sudoku
May 2009: Ringer Sudoku
May 09: Sudoku
April 2009: Ringer Word Search