Handbell Musicians of America Publishes as AGEHR Music

…a variety of music to meet the needs of our diverse membership. Our catalog includes:

  • Music from beginning (Level 1 and 2) to advanced (Level 4, 5 and 6)
  • For 2 octaves to 8 octaves
  • Hymn arrangements
  • Original pieces
  • Festival pieces with brass and keyboard
  • Transcriptions
  • Multi-cultural music
  • Solo/ensemble selections
  • Choral music with bell accompaniment
  • Music education resources


Handbell Musicians of America is no longer publishing new music. Our already-published music is available from our distributor, The Lorenz Corporation, www.lorenz.com or from your favorite music retailer. Thank you for using AGEHR Music.

AGEHR Music Catalog – The Lorenz Corporation is the official distributor of the AGEHR Publishing catalog. You can browse our titles and make your purchases here.

E-Press Music We also have wide variety of titles in our E-Press catalog.  This catalog offers downloadable music for immediate delivery through our own online store.

Licensing – Making a CD or DVD that includes AGEHR music?  All the forms you need for the appropriate permissions and fees can be found here.

Copyright Permissions – for any questions regarding copyright or permissions for using AGEHR Music, contact Brian Childers.

AGEHR Difficulty Levels – A complete explanation of the AGEHR difficulty levels and criteria for determining the level of a particular piece of music.