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From Movement to Learning to Musicality
In my experience, the best directors are excellent teachers. To see and hear a director working with a choir, whether it be a young ringers’ group ringing a handbell or … More

Music’s Effect on Academic Achievement

The importance of music in our schools is often overlooked and its true power unrealized. Music deserves a place with the core subjects of math, science, history, and language arts. If it is given the opportunity, music can make a difference …More

See It, Hear It, Do It

There are three areas of learning applicable to all ages: cognitive (involving elements of perception), psychomotor (motor action directly proceeding from mental activity), and affective (relating to feeling or emotions) …More

Teaching Ringers

In the March/April (2007) issue of Overtones, Michael Bryant’s article on directors as teachers strikes an important theme. By substituting the words “handbell director” for “teacher,” we come to understand …More

Time to Perform: Thinking Outside the Box

Children are born performers! Almost every child or youth I have ever taught in 22 years of classroom work (grades kindergarten through twelve) loves to perform …More