Handbell Technique

Four-in-Hand Dexterity Drills

These practice drills will help you develop strong four-in-hand skills for both interlocked and non-interlocked styles. We’ll cover ringing in all directions, switching out bells with one or two hands, switching between styles on the fly, stacking and re-stacking, and more!

Instructor: Michèle Sharik


Fundamentals of Music

Does looking at that printed music overwhelm you?  Don’t let it intimidate you.  Learn about music fundamentals!  Discover how to understand, read, and interpret all that musical material on the page.  This course is the very basic of music fundamentals—notation, meter, staffs, and musical elements are explained in this course. Let’s “start at the very beginning: a very good place to start.”

Instructor: Kathy Kellum


Full Hands, Full Hearts: Six-in-Hand

Are you ready for the next level challenge? Six-in-hand is for you! Learn at least three ways to play three bells in each hand, as well as the ergonomic and practical concerns of each style.

Instructor: Michèle Sharik


The Right Tool for the Job: Seven Ways to do Four-in-Hand

Playing handbells involves a lot of problem-solving, and problems are easier to solve if you have the right tools. Learn seven ways to do four-in-hand and see how many problems YOU can solve!

Instructor: Michèle Sharik

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Kathy Kellum retired as a high school foreign language teacher, assistant band director, colorguard advisor, and private piano teacher. She has played piano for 60 years as well as clarinet, bassoon, and saxophone. Kathy has rung handbells for 30+ years. She directs her church handbell choir, rings with Queen City Bronze Handbell Ensemble, and is certified by Handbell Musicians of America as a Level I Ringing Techniques teacher. Kathy and her husband Robert love to travel from their home in Cincinnati, Ohio throughout the country with their two pets. Kathy anticipates great experiences through the Virtual Bell Academy!

Michèle Sharik rings professionally with Sonos Handbell Ensemble, is the founding Artistic Director of Timbré, and is an internationally-renowned handbell soloist, conductor, and teacher. She completed a Bachelor of Arts in Visual and Performing Arts in 2012 from Cal State San Marcos and a Graduate Certificate in Performing Arts Medicine in 2017 from Shenandoah University, and updated her certification in 2019 from the Performing Arts Medicine Association. Michèle is Master Teacher of Handbell Techniques for the Certification program of the Handbell Musicians of America, and is a former Chair of Area 12.