Resource Submission Guidelines

New Initiatives Membership Task Force – Call for Resources

To see a list of topics for which the Task Force is specifically seeking resources, visit this page.

Submission Guidelines

  1. All submissions must include an outline proposal (following the format detailed below) and a completed credential form. (A PDF Version: Call for Resources – Credential Form)
  2. Only OUTLINES should be submitted at first.
  3. Outlines must include the following sections:
    • Purpose – why do you believe the proposed resource is relevant to the topic?
    • Goal – what is the final result that will be achieved by members utilizing this resource?
    • Audience – what segment of our membership will most benefit from this resource?
    • Delivery/Process – in what format will the resource be delivered to the membership?
    • Content – provide an outline summary of the main points that will be covered in the resource
  4. Outlines proposing a video, webinar, or other form of live presentation by the author must also include the following:
    • Method of producing resource
    • Environment where resource will be presented/produced
    • Sample of the author presenting in the same format as the proposed resource
    • Before resource will be produced, a script must be presented and approved
  5. Authors must provide assurance that ideas and content presented are not under existing copyright not the intellectual property of someone other than the author, or include appropriate and legal credit to the original creator.
  6. Authors/Creators/Designers of the selected resources will be compensated once a final version of the resource is accepted by the Task Force. Exact amount and form of compensation (royalties or flat fee) will be determined case-by-case and will be based on the final form and extent of the resource.
  7. All submissions will be reviewed by the Task Force with the assistance of other recognized authorities and will go through the following process:
  8. Outline submission reviewed by the Task Force
  9. Outline will be accepted, returned with a request for additional information, or declined
  10. First draft versions of accepted outlines will be requested and reviewed by the Task Force and additional anonymous editorial review committees
  11. Subsequent drafts may be requested until the resource is in an acceptable final version
  12. Once a final draft is accepted, compensation will be negotiated and contracts will be issued by the executive director
  13. Upon return of the signed contract, resource will enter the production stage and completed for distribution to the membership
  14. The Task Force reserves the right to discontinue development of a resource at any time in the process.

Submissions should be sent via e-mail to [email protected] Please include Call for Resources in the subject line of your e-mail.