National Seminar 2019 – Class Submission & Faculty Application

National Seminar 2019 is July 16-20 at the Hyatt Regencey at the Arch in St. Louis, Missouri. We are seeking submissions for classes and faculty to present at the event.  When preparing your application, please note the following.

Application Process & Requirements

  • Those submitting must have their own individual Handbell Musician Membership or be the primary contact for an organization’s Handbell Musician Membership.
  • Consider all aspects of handbell musicianship in all settings as you develop your class ideas. The committee strives to select a wide variety of classes for all constituencies of our membership.
  • Those submitting more than one class topic will be given priority consideration.
  • Those interested in teaching at the event must submit a separate Class Submission Application for each class topic/idea they would like to present using the form below. ONLY submissions completed using the form below will be accepted.
  • Any applicant who has not taught at a National Seminar or Pinnacle in the past three years (since Rochester 2016) must provide two letters of reference from individuals who have observed the applicant teaching within the past 12 months. These letters must be sent directly to [email protected] by the person providing the reference. The applicant is responsible for ensuring that the required recommendations are received.
  • Deadline for submission is October 1. Applicants will be notified of committee selections by January 1, 2019.
  • Class sessions at National Seminar are 75-minutes long. Topics may be offered as single classes or multi-session courses.  Single-session classes will usually be offered twice in the schedule during the event.  Multi-session courses will only be offered once in the schedule.
  • AFTER submitting your application, please send a current head-shot (head and shoulders only) and a short biography (no more than 200 words) to the faculty coordinator at [email protected]  The photo should be in jpeg format and have a minimum resolution of 300dpi.

Questions regarding the process should be directed to [email protected].

Faculty Terms & Compensation

Selected faculty will be compensated as follows.  Please review and consider carefully before submitting your application.  Submission of your application implies that you understand and accept these conditions. Accepted faculty will be sent a formal contract with additional terms and conditions.

Local (resides within a 50-mile radius of the event site) or Out-of-Town Teaching Only ONE Class Topic

  • $40 honorarium per 75-minute class session taught.
  • Option to attend classes and concerts during the event at no cost.
  • If at least two class topics are taught, Full Event Registration including all provided meals.

Out-of-Town Teaching TWO or More Class Topics

  • $425 reimbursement of round-trip airfare to the event.
  • OR mileage paid at the prevailing IRS charitable rate for miles driven to and from the event up to a total of $425.
  • One half of a shared hotel room at the official event hotel for each day the clinician teaches a class session at the event. Faculty are responsible for securing their own roommate and making their own hotel arrangements at the conference hotel.
  • Full Event Registration including all provided meals.


Note: This is a multi-page application that will require detailed information about the class you propose and the equipment required for that class.  We recommend you prepare your answers for the following questions in a Word document before you begin the application so you can simply copy and paste them into the form.  This will help prevent the form from timing-out and your data being lost before you are able to complete the application.:

Questions that may require advance preparation:

    • Names and contact information for two references.
    • Information about where the class you propose has been previously presented.
    • Class Description: A brief description of your class (approximately 100 words).  This will be posted on the event website to encourage attendance and will be included in the event program guide.  Sell the class to potential attendees.
    • Class Justification: Why should this class be offered at National Seminar?  Sell the class to the class selection committee.
    • Prepare a complete list of the equipment required for the class.

National Seminar 2019 – Class Submission/Faculty Application

Faculty Information

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