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Grant Writing for Ensembles

Foundations and corporate giving programs have at their disposal large sums of money to fund non-profit organizations. Learn how to find grants and prepare grant paperwork to supplement your organization’s budget and take your fundraising strategy to a new level.


  • Groups will be able gather the documents needed to apply for grants
  • Groups will be able to find grants
  • Groups will have an outline for a basic grant application

Instructor: Derek Nance


Derek Nance began bell ringing in high school when his band director Marshal Townsend decided to start to start a group.  Between school and a church group directed by Lois Castle, Derek spent his later teen years becoming obsessed with bells.  Upon moving to college in Reno, Nevada, he was immediately recruited by Tintabulations Handbell Ensemble under the direction of Barb Walsh.  Tintab at the time was still a small school group, but the group grew into a nationally recognized community ensemble after performing the opening concert at the Handbell Musicians National Seminar in 2013.  With the bay area only a short drive from Reno, Derek has also performed with the Sonos Handbell Ensemble since 2010, touring with them across the US and Japan.  In 2014 Derek was elected as a Member At Large to the Handbell Musicians of American Board of Directors. Starting in 2016, Bob Avant and him have been live streaming performances at the Handbell Musicians of America National Seminar.