History of HIC


The Handbell Industry Council (HIC) was organized in August 1984, as a result of the 1983 resolution passed by the National Board of The American Guild of English Handbell Ringers, Inc (AGEHR).  The HIC is the official liaison between the members of The Guild and those firms and individuals who have a business interested in the manufacturing of handbells and/or handchimes, handbell music publishers, distributors and dealers, and those businesses supplying materials and services related to handbell and/or handchimes.

HIC was incorporated in the state of South Carolina in 1988.  In January of 1990 we were recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(6) organization and, as such, we are exempt from federal income tax.

The primary objectives of HIC are to serve as the communications vehicle between Handbell Musicians of America and the business community and among companies with handbell interests, to develop, promote, and manage all commercial displays at national Handbell Musicians of America events as defined in the Guild/HIC Partnership Agreement, to develop additional ways for The Guild and HIC to more effectively serve handbell ringers and directors, and to serve in an advisory capacity to the Handbell Musicians of America Executive Director and to Handbell Musicians of America Area Boards when requested.

HIC Office Holders





1985 David Weck Willard Markey Larry Freeman
1986 David Weck Willard Markey Larry Freeman
1987 David Weck Willard Markey Jim Jeffers
1988 Willard Markey Jim Jeffers Nancy Jessup
1989 Jim Jeffers Nancy Jessup Don Norris
1990 Nancy Jessup Don Norris Joe Keith
1991 Don Norris/Nancy Jessup Joe Keith Jeff Hamm
1992 Joe Keith Jeff Hamm Janet Van Valey
1993 Jeff Hamm Janet Van Valey David Huff
1994 Janet Van Valey David Huff Larry Pugh
1995 David Huff Larry Pugh Kathy Ebling-Thorne
1996 Larry Pugh Kathy Ebling-Thorne Bill Griffin
1997 Kathy Ebling-Thorne Bill Griffin David Weck
1998 Bill Griffin David Weck Nancy Helmich
1999 David Weck Nancy Helmich Judy Sherman
2000 Nancy Helmich Judy Sherman Connie Jeffers
2001 Judy Sherman Connie Jeffers Andrea Gilbert-Rivard
2002 Connie Jeffers Susan Berry Andrea Gilbert-Rivard
2003 Joe Keith Kermit Junkert Andrea Gilbert-Rivard
2004 Joe Keith Kermit Junkert Alan Lohr
2005 Joe Keith Kermit Junkert Alan Lohr
2006 Bill Griffin Kathy Lowrie Alan Lohr
2007 Bill Griffin Kathy Lowrie Nancy Helmich
2008 Bill Griffin Jill Jeffers Nancy Helmich
2009 Steve Shorney Jill Jeffers Nancy Helmich
2010 Steve Shorney Jill Jeffers Tammy Waldrop
2011 Steve Shorney John Behnke Tammy Waldrop
2012 Kermit Junkert John Behnke Tammy Waldrop
2013 Kermit Junkert John Behnke Alan Lohr
2014 Kermit Junkert Jill Jeffers Alan Lohr
2015 Alan Hughes Jill Jeffers Alan Lohr
2016 Alan Hughes Jill Jeffers Carol Scheel


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