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Endowment Fund Grant Application

Application Submission Information

Applications to the AGEHR Endowment Fund must complete the application below in full and submit three copies to the address provided. Mail application to:

Handbell Musicians of America
201 E. 5th Street, Suite 1900-1025
Cincinnati, OH  45202

Application Review and Award

Applications are accepted year round and reviewed once each year, usually in May. Grantees will be notified in writing within two weeks of review dates and funds awarded thereafter. Awards will be announced each year at Handbell Musicians of America National Seminar which usually takes place in July.

All grantees agree to the following upon award of grant:

a) Within one year from date of award, grantee shall complete a report to the Endowment detailing the project’s implementation and full documentation of use of grant, how goals were met, and other outcomes.

b) Grantees shall prepare an article describing the project for Overtones, including photos as requested.

AGEHR Endowment Application Form

Section A: Applicant Information

Name of Choir/ Director___________________________________



Handbell Musicians of America Membership #____________

Amount of Request ___________________________

Amount of Total Project Budget_________________________

Section B: Project Description (one page)

Describe the project in detail and include information about participants, goals and objectives, evaluation of outcome, and timeline. Identify Program Area. Include brief history of sponsoring organization.

Section C: Project Rationale (one page)

Describe the rationale for the project and how the project meets the mission of Handbell Musicians of American and the specific Program Area requirements.

Section D. Project Participants (one half page)

Describe project participants, their qualifications, musical education, musical goals and how they will participate in the proposed project.

Section E: Equipment (one page)

List and describe any equipment requested and its cost. Provide documentation of the cost.

Section F: Project Expense (one page)

Include a budget with line item descriptions for all expenses. Describe how all funds will be raised and identify sources of funds raised to date. List other fund requests pending, if any.

Section G: Project Outcome (one half page)

Describe how project will be evaluated and assessed upon completion. Discuss plans for equipment usage and maintenance after project is complete.

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