Take Your Bells Out of the Closet!

Free Workshops throughout the fall in multiple locations across the US


Why Handbells?

Handbell Musicians of America is offering FREE workshops across the country to help you get your handbells out of the closet and restart your handbell program – or start a brand new program.  A handbell program in your church offers numerous benefits for your congregation.

  • A handbell choir adds a unique and glorious musical element to worship
  • Handbells provide a great opportunity for inter-generational activity
  • A handbell program creates opportunities for lay members to contribute to worship and participate with the worship team
  • Handbells are accessible to all levels of musicians – even those with no prior musical experience
  • Handbells can be used effectively in both contemporary and traditional worship
  • A handbell program provides a fun way to work together and share fellowship
  • Handbells provide additional opportunities for teaching the elements of music in a church environment
  • A handbell program can be a traveling music ministry to other congregations and venues, also providing the opportunity to practice evangelism without words
  • Handbells can easily be combined with other music ministries at your church – handbells with choir, other instruments, or with youth to provide a unique way to present favorite bible stories and lessons during worship

Not sure how to get started?  Don’t think you have the tools to make your program successful? Then our Back to Bells workshops are perfect for you!

What’s Included?

Each four-hour workshop will include instructions on the following topics:

  • Basic Ringing Techniques (and how to teach them)
  • Recruiting Ringers for Your Program
  • Basic Handbell Maintenance
  • Basic Rehearsal Techniques
  • Repertoire Selection
  • Ringing with Less than a Full Choir
  • Creative Use of Bells in Worship

Then, at the conclusion of each workshop, you will have the opportunity to become a member of Handbell Musicians of America, opening the door to a wealth of benefits and resources to help you grow and sustain your program.

Workshop Schedule

The locations below are listed alphabetically by State so you can more quickly find options near you.  This list will be updated regularly as more locations are added.  Don’t see a workshop near you?  Contact membership@handbellmusicians.org to request one.

Date Venue Name City State Start Time
10/28/2017 Ojai United Methodist Church Ojai CA 10:00 AM
10/14/2017 Summit of Peace Lutheran Church Thornton CO 9:00 AM
10/28/2017 First Church of Bethlehem Bethlehem CT 9:00 AM
10/14/2017 Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church Lehigh Acres FL 9:00 AM
10/14/2017 St. Mark’s United Methodist Church Decatur IN 12:00 PM
10/28/2017 Seaside United Methodist Church Sunset Beach NC 9:30 AM
10/14/2017 St Paul’s United Methodist Church Allison Park PA 10:00 AM
10/14/2017 St Luke’s Episcopal Church East Greenwich RI 9:00 AM
10/21/2017 Lutheran Church of Our Savior Greenville SC 9:00 AM
Event Registration

Online registration is now open. Please register for one of the following dates and choose the appropriate location session.

Membership in Handbell Musicians of America is not required to participate, however, you will be asked to log in to an existing account or create a new account before registering.  The link to create a new account is toward the bottom of the login page. An account in our system is not a membership, we simply need this information to track your event registration.

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October 21

October 28